About the webmaster

Charles is from Lutry, a quiet little town on the shore of Lake Geneva in Switzerland, but now lives in Doolin, Co. Clare.

He came to Ireland for the first time in 2006. He didn't really know anything about Irish music back then, but he started playing the tin whistle with the help of his friend Stéphane. A year later, he decided to move on to the concertina, which is now his main instrument.

After his first 6 months in Doolin, Charles went back to Switzerland and joined the local session there with only a few tunes. Weeks after weeks, slowly, he learned more tunes with the help of his friend Gilles Tabary. He also got help and constant encouragement by Tom Delany in France and Stéphane in Doolin over the years. On the concertina side, Terry Bingham and Hugh Healy both provided good advices.

Charles kept coming to Doolin for visits, usually a few weeks in the summer and another one or two shorter trips the rest of the year. He moved to Doolin permanently in January 2010 and is still trying to build a solid repertoire and this is what this website is about.