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In this section you will find Barndances, Marches, Polkas and other type of tunes.

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I learned the "Kilnamona Barndance" a long time ago after I saw a wonderful video of Gerdie Commane published by Custy's Music Shop (you can watch the original video here). My version has changed since as I heard different people playing this barndance and I believe this is a good basic version of it.

T:Kilnamona Barndance, The
ge|:dGBd GABc|d2 cd A2 AB|c2 A2 e2 ed|e2 d2 BA Bc|
dGBd GABc|d2 cd A2 AB|c2 A2 e2 d2|1 G4 G2 ge:|2 G4 G2 ga||
|:b2gb bagb|a2 ea agef|g2 ge d2 Bd|eaag a2 ga|
b2 gb bagb|a2 ea agef|gbeg dGBd|1 eggf g2 ga:|2 eggf g2 ge||

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