Hugh Healy & Michael "Blackie" O'Connell

healyoconnell We were drinking and kissing the ladies

  1. Travers' No 2 / The Boy in the Gap
  2. Ned Coleman's / The Harty Boys / Tumble the Tinker
  3. O'Sullivan the Great
  4. The Boys of Ballinahinch / Drag Her Round the Road / The Pinch of Snuff
  5. The Maiden that Jigs it in Style / We Were Drinking and Kissing the Ladies
  6. The Hut in Staten Island / The De'il Among the Tailors
  7. The Bragging Man / The Temple Hill
  8. The Ace and Deuce of Piping
  9. The Galbally Farmer / The Drumraney Lass / The Humours of Drinagh
  10. The Four Courts / The Bunch of Keys
  11. Port an Ghrį
  12. The Trip to Brimingham / Darby's Farewell / The Lady on the Island