Terry Bingham

terrybingham Traditional Irish Music
from Doolin, Co. Clare

  1. Old Man Dillon / Tommy Peoples' (The Lost and Found)
  2. The Eel in the sink / The Galway rambler
  3. Willie Clancy's (I Buried My Wife And Danced On Top Of Her Grave)/ Down the back lane
  4. Byrne's hornpipe / O'Callaghan's hornpipe (Cronin's)
  5. The humours of Ayle house / Seamus Tansey's
  6. The Durrow reel / The mountain top
  7. Paddy Mills' / P.J. Conlon's (Lillies In The Field)
  8. Charlie Harris' Jigs (The Goat On The Green / Tom Busby's)
  9. The Glenside cottage / I have no money
  10. Dermot Byrne's (Mick Carr's) / Mairtin O'Connor's
  11. The Kilmaley Jig / Connie Connell's (Billy McCormick's)
  12. The Tap Room / The Moving Bog / Jenny Picking Cockles

This album is an essential for any concertina player (and to anyone playing Irish Music in my opinion). Terry's subtle and relaxing playing is a proof that simplicity is equally as beautiful as any other style in which high technical abilities sometimes replace the beauty of the music itself.
The tune selection a mixture of common session tunes such as The Galway Rambler, Tommy Peoples' (The Lost and Found), Willie Clancy's (I buried my wife and danced on top of her grave) and some more unusual pieces (Dermot Byrne's, Mairtin O'Connor's).
Terry is joined on the CD by Mary Custy on tracks 3 & 7 and by Dermot Byrne on tracks 6 & 12. Kevin Griffin provides some nice backing on guitar on a few tracks as well.
As far as I know, this wonderful CD is unfortunately out of print.