Molly Put The Kettle On

One of my all time favourite. I got it from Terry Bingham a long time ago. He plays "The Trip To Durrow" after it. I thought I had posted this tune before but realized I was wrong when I was reminded of it by a lovely recording of Alan Egan as part of the "Tune Challenge" on facebook, on which he plays it in G minor instead of the more usual key of A minor and it's a lovely change so I have to learn it in G as well now !

T:Molly Put The Kettle On
|:cded c~A3|Bcdc B~G3|cded cABG|EDEG A2AB|
c2ed cAAc|B2dc B~G3|c2cA B2 AG|EDEG A2AB||
|:cdef g2eg|aged cAAB|cdef g2eg|ageg a2aB|
cdef g2eg|aged cAAB|c2ed cABG|EDEG A2AB||