The Plains Of Boyle

Quite a common hornpipe. It is played around here mostly by Christy Barry and Terry Bingham, who play it after Cronin's Hornpipe. These two tunes have actually been recorded together a few times, but not always in the same order. For example, Paddy Glackin and Paddy Keenan recorded them on their album starting with The Plains Of Boyle and then going into Cronin's Hornpipe.

T:Plains of Boyle (The)
FG|:AFDE FEDF|(3ABA GB AFD2|fedf edce|dcAB =cABG|
AFDE FEDF|(3ABA GB AFD2|fedB (3ABA GE|1 F2D2 D2FG:|2 F2D2 D2fg||
|:afdf g2fe|dfed BAFG|(3ABA FA BAFA|A2FA BAfg|
afdf g2fe|dfed BAFG|A2AF GBAG|1 F2D2 D2fg:|2 F2D2 D2FG||