Winnie Hayes' Jig

This is one of my favourite tune ! A friend of mine actually asked me to post it, so there it is France ;) ! I learned it from Josephine Marsh on the recording "The Sanctuary Sessions" recorded in Cruise's in Ennis. This version is also based on Hugh Healy's playing, I actually heard a recording of him playing this tune at the concertina recital in Miltown Malbay during the Willie Clancy Summer School. This tune is associated with Micho Russell a good bit.

T:Winnie Hayes'
edB A2A|BAG ABd|edB A2A|BAG ABd|
edB ~A3|BAG A2a|age deg|age dBA|
edB A2A|BAG A (3Bcd|edB A2A|BAG ABd|
~e3 A2A|BAG A2a|age d (3efg|age dBA||
efg a2c'|bag a2g|efg aga|b2a gab|
c'2c' b2b|age a2b|age deg|age dBA|
efg agc'|bag a2g|efg aga|b2a gab|
c'bc' bab|age a2b|age deg|age dBA||